Candidate profiles

FC can be your key to finding the dream candidate, that matches your wishes and criteria for filling an open position at your clinic/company. Check out brief candidate profiles below.

North East & Remote – US13) Embryology Consultant/Scientific Director.
Midwest & Remote – US12) Embryology Consultant/IVF Director/IVF Laboratory Designer/IVF Consultant.
PA, NY, NJ & Remote – US08) Business Development Manager/Fertility Sales Manager.
CA, USA and remote – US05) Director Global Partnerships/Strategy Director.
OH, USA and Remote – US07) VP of Learning and Development/Organizational Development.
Serbia, EU and USA – EU10) IVF Manager.
EU14) Consultant Clinical Embryologist – temporary on-site embryology lab work for USA clinics.

Europe – EU14) Consultant Clinical Embryologist – temporary on-site embryology lab work for EU & UK clinics.
Serbia, Europe and USA – EU10) IVF Manager.
Europe, France & Remote – FRA03) VP International Sales & Marketing/Business Unit Director.
DK16) Midwife/Clinical Customer Service – remote and hybrid for clinics or companies in Europe.

Denmark (Jutland) – DK15) Andrology Lab Technician/Quality Coordinator.
Denmark & Remote – DK11) Managing Director/Sales Director.
Denmark (Sealand) & Remote -DK04) Business Development Director/Manager.
Denmark (Jutland), Remote & hybrid – DK16) Midwife
Denmark (Jutland), Remote & hybrid – DK17) Clinical Research/Project Manager/Product Specialist.

United Kingdom – UK18) CEO/Managing Director/Commercial Director.
UK & Remote – UK06) Fertility Communications Specialist.

Europe, France & Remote – FRA03) VP International Sales & Marketing/Business Unit Director.

Portugal & Remote – PT09) Billing Supervisor/Financial Counselor/ART Billing Coordinator.

Spain & Remote – ES19) Research Embryologist.

Serbia, EU and USA – EU10) IVF Manager.
EU14) Consultant Clinical Embryologist – temporary on-site embryology lab work at clinics.

US13) Embryology Consultant/Scientific Director.

Professional experiences/competences:
– 25+ years of clinical and IVF management experience.
– Many years of fertility consultant work implementing new technologies, quality management, troubleshooting, laboratory and clinic build-out, compliance excellence, litigation mediation and liability investigations.
– Strong interest and skills working with new technologies for clinics/labs as well as Artificial Intelligence systems and software.
– C-level management experience from within the Fertility industry.
– FDA application for medical devices experience.
– Advisory board experience.

Personal characteristics/educational background:
– MS, PhD.
– Published and awarded in mammal embryology.
– Fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French.

Job type: Part time/Freelance/Temporary full time positions.
Candidate location: USA (North East & Remote).

EU 14) Consultant Clinical Embryologist.

Professional experiences/competences:
– 10 years of experience in different IVF laboratories and Sperm Banks.
– Competent in all basic techniques in a routine IVF-laboratory.
– Writing and implementing SOPs and laboratory protocols.
– 4 years of experience from clinical genetics and microbiological laboratories.

Personal characteristics/educational background:
– Bachelor’s degree in medical laboratory science.
– Certified ESHRE Clinical Embryologist.
– Team player, who likes to work collaboratively in interdisciplinary teams.
– Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to convey complex scientific concepts to patients and diverse audiences.

Job type: Part time/Freelance/full time.
Candidate location: Denmark open for temporary positions/short-time embryology assistance on-site in other countries.

DK16) Midwife.

Professional experiences/competences:
– 3+ years as a midwife within the fertility industry having focus on egg donation: I have used my skills as a midwife with a dedicated focus on egg donation. This has allowed me to develop a nuanced understanding of the unique challenges and dynamics within this field.
– 6+ years from maternity/labor wards as a professional midwife: With a solid foundation working in maternity/labor wards, I have acquired a wealth of practical experience as a professional midwife with a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and maternal care.
– Counseling and guidance for patients in fertility treatment with donor eggs and donor sperm: I have demonstrated expertise in providing compassionate counseling and guidance to individuals undergoing fertility treatments involving donor eggs and sperm. This involves navigating sensitive conversations and offering support during a challenging and emotionally charged period.
– Content creation within the areas; Pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum period, and egg donation on website, blog, and social media
Adept at content creation, I have contributed valuable insights within the realms of fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum care, and egg donation through various digital platforms.
– Ability to communicate complex topics in an accessible manner has positively impacted both online communities and organizational outreach.

Personal characteristics/educational background:
– Bachelor’s degree in midwifery, providing me with a solid academic foundation that complements my extensive practical experience.
– My educational background reflects my commitment to maintaining the highest standards of professional excellence.
– I am empathic of nature, combined with my passion for fertility, allows me to connect on a deeper level with individuals and couples navigating the complexities of fertility treatments.
– I am a quick learner, energized by a positive attitude towards challenges. This mindset enables me to adapt swiftly to new situations and overcome obstacles effectively.

Job type: Part time/full time positions.
Candidate location: Denmark (Jutland), Remote or hybrid.

US12) Embryology Consultant/IVF Director/IVF Laboratory Designer/IVF Consultant.

Professional experiences/competences:
– Competent in all aspects of Embryology, Andrology and Endocrinology.
– Built over 10 IVF laboratories and clinics across the USA.
– Offsite directed for 10 years.
– Consulted for international IVF clinics.
– Top Donor Oocyte Thaws at a leading donor egg bank.
– 3rd best Donor Oocyte Freezer at a leading donor egg bank.
– Ability to troubleshoot ongoing issues remotely.

Personal characteristics/educational background:
– Master’s and PhD in Reproductive Physiology.
– HCLD certified by the American Board of Bioanalysis.
– Published Author.
– Strong research background.
– Business minded.
– Success driven.

Job type: Part time/Freelance.
Candidate location: USA (Midwest) & Remote.

DK15) Andrology Lab Technician/Quality Coordinator.

Professional experiences/competences:
– +10 years of lab work experience from a donor sperm bank.
– Quality assurance as per SOPs & Quality Management System.
– Ensuring compliance with national laws and regulations (gamete donation).
– Preparation and facilitation of inspection from the authorities.

Personal characteristics/educational background:
– M.Sc. Biomedical science.
– Passionate about changing the world to a better place.
– Team player with good interdisciplinary collaboration skills.
– Quick learner with a positive energy towards challenges.
– Empathic with a deepening passion for the field of fertility.

Job type: Part time/Full time.
Candidate location: Denmark (Jutland).

UK18) CEO/Managing Director/Commercial Director.

Professional experiences/competences:
– Experience launching of an IVF chain from scratch.
– 20+ years of experience as a Sales & Business Strategist.
– Expertise in strategic planning and implementation.
– Business process enhancement.
– Sales optimization and revenue maximization.
– Brand promotion & innovative marketing strategies.
– Financial planning and budget allocation.
– Fertility team leadership and management.

Personal characteristics/educational background:
– B.Sc in Physics from Mumbai University.
– Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi and Tulu.
– Entrepreneurial mind-set.
– Team based approach to pursue a Vision.

Job type: Full time.
Candidate location: United Kingdom.

US08) Business Development Manager/Fertility Sales Manager.

Professional experiences/competences:
– Engineering sales.
– Fertility software and equipment sales.
– International business development and global expansion.
– Clinic account management.
– Customer success optimisation.

Personal characteristics/educational background:
– Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE).
– Motivated and dedicated individual with excellent communication and presentation skills.
– Bilingual in English and Arabic.
– Highly skill-full within computer software.

Job type: Full time / Part time / Freelance.
Candidate location: USA (PA, NY, NJ & Remote).

FRA03) VP International Sales & Marketing/Business Unit Director.

Professional experiences/competences:
– 20 years of international experience in the ART field.
– VP International Sales in IVF working with EMR, witnessing solution, AI, IVF equipment.
– IVF Business Unit director – medical devices, equipment, media.
– International business development with extensive knowledge of global distribution network organization and management.
– Excellent relationship and close working with International KOLs, IVF Centres, Industry and Associations.
– IVF device and equipment patent filings.

Personal characteristics/educational background:
– Medical background and experience in Obstetrics.
– Determined to continue contributing to the development of solutions and advances that can be brought to the global IVF community, and thus to the quality and success of patients’ IVF journeys.
– Flexible and totally familiar with other cultures, habits and processes.
– Team player, full of positive energy and extremely attentive to people.
– Fluent in English, Spanish & French.

Job type: Full time.
Candidate location: Europe, France & Remote.

PT09) Billing Supervisor/Financial Counselor/ART Billing Coordinator.

Professional experiences/competences:
– Patient registration, claims, insurances & billing.
– Coordinate cycle treatment scheduling with clinical department and customer service.
– Cycle fee reporting, case manager and cost analysis for procedures.
– Medicare and Medicaid regulations.
– ICD-9/ICD-10 & CPT-4 coding.
– Monthly account receivables and audits.
– Embryo storage and billing coordination.
– HIPAA compliance.
– Project Management and problem resolution.

Personal characteristics/educational background:
– Accomplished, Billing Coordinator (speaks English, Spanish & Portuguese) with more than thirteen years of experience in progressive patient relation roles. Highly developed analytical skills and proven ability to identify problems and implement effective solutions while remaining efficient. Driven to communicate well and establish strong rapport in the field of healthcare and customer service, working effectively with a diverse group of people and departments to build and leverage robust relationships.

Job type: Full time / Part time / Freelance.
Candidate location: Portugal & Remote.

EU10) IVF Manager.

Professional experiences/competences:
– IVF manager, PR and marketing manager.
– President of an IVF association.
– Working experience as CEO for an IVF center.
– Editor of an IVF magazine.

Personal characteristics/educational background:
– Passionately dedicated to the field of IVF procedure and all its aspects. Since 2013 the candidate has been addressing infertility issues among couples and individuals.
– Founder, visionary, CEO and president of a patients Association with significant experience in IVF clinic organisation, team creation, leadership, management, content editing, PR, marketing, and event organisation.
– Manager with experience, leadership and strategy development capabilities.
– Author of many different IVF projects and ESHRE speaker.
– Interest in healthcare, management in healthcare, patients support, IVF procedures, leadership.

Job type: Full time/Part time/Freelance.
Candidate location: Serbia, EU and USA.

DK11) Managing Director/Sales Director.

Professional experiences/competences:
– 25+ years of international commercial and leadership experience.
– Experienced executive with a global mindset and network.
– International business development and global expansion having worked with B2C, B2B and B2G.
– Vast experience in identifying new markets and analysing market growth opportunities and translating these into go-to-market strategies.
– Strategy, planning and implementation.
– Organizational & team development, multicultural and cross border long distance management.
– Building strategic partnerships and in-depth knowledge with European regulations.

Personal characteristics/educational background:
– Engineer and master in Organisation and leadership.
– An accomplished, versatile and results-driven professional.
– Inclusive leadership and management style.
– Performance driven, persistent and approachable leader, who can solve problems and identify sustainable solutions.
– An extrovert and professional networker, who navigates in all circles and understands how to strategically leverage the contacts established.

Job type: Full time / Part time / Freelance.
Candidate location: Denmark & Remote.

DK04) Business Development Director/Manager.

Professional experiences/competences:
– Nearly a decade of experience for one of the leading equipment and consumables suppliers in the ART industry.
– Accrued a wealth of knowledge about the workings of fertility clinics.
– Top global expert within electronic witnessing of laboratory and clinic SOPs.
– Managed equipment procurement and traceability system implementation projects in more than 30 countries across EMEA, the USA & Australia.
– Contributing to corporate and distributor product training as well as supporting clinics and distributors in more than 70 countries.
– Extensive knowledge of fertility treatments and patient journeys.
– Consulted on laboratory designs in the UK, Israel, Denmark, Greece, Slovakia, Morocco and Algeria.

Personal characteristics/educational background:
– Executive Master of Business Administration.
– Takes ownership and has a deep and deepening passion for the fertility industry.
– Most interested in improving quality of treatments, patient care, and informed regulation across the world.
– Looking for new opportunity to share wealth of experience, learn more, and continue to make a positive impact for patients, clinicians, and clinics.

Job type: Full time.
Candidate location: Denmark & Remote.

US05) Director Global Partnerships/Strategy Director.

Professional experiences/competences:
– New Market Entry, research of laws, regulations, and customs of numerous countries in preparation for launch into those markets.
– Provider Network Strategy, created provider eligibility criteria individualized to the specific local needs of different countries.
– Provider Partnerships Strategy, created data driven strategy designed to maximize positive impact on customers and members.
– Team building, built multiple teams from the ground up, hiring, training, and managing top performing teams.
– Team Leadership and Management, managed multiple teams to achieve company core objectives, especially in the new country launch and provider partnerships space.
– Marketing, director of marketing for a startup incubator, led marketing strategy and execution for a $100M portfolio and consulted numerous clients on marketing strategy as an independent consultant.
– Operations, served as an early leader on a global operations team and served as Director of Operations for a startup incubator.
– Copywriting, wrote key copy for website, blog posts, social media, sales pitches, etc for numerous clients both in and outside of the fertility space.

Personal characteristics/educational background:
– Masters Degree in International Affairs, emphasis in International Business and International Development.
– Bachelors Degree in Business Strategy.
– English – Native Speaker, Spanish – Fluent, Mandarin Chinese = Conversational.
– I’ve been an IVF patient myself, so I have a deep understanding of the patient journey.

Job type: Full time / Part time / Freelance.
Candidate location: CA, USA and remote.

UK06) Fertility Communications Specialist.

Professional experiences/competences:
– Expertise in content strategy and content creation.
– Proven track record of planning and implementing Fertility Clinic marketing projects/deliverables.
– New and improved patient-focused websites & marketing materials for leading international fertility clinic groups.
– Exemplary editorial skills.
– Adept at writing and launching social media campaigns to promote visibility of international Fertility Clinics.
– Skilled in advising Fertility Clinics on how to optimise patient experience/journey through improved clinic-patient communications.
– Proven track record of working with global fertility experts to create engaging medical content which is both relevant and understandable to patients.
– Extensive experience collaborating with UK fertility regulator, HFEA.

Personal characteristics/educational background:
– Master in Business Administration.
– 20+ years of senior Communications experience with top UK brand.
– Highly collaborative individual with extensive contacts within both UK and global fertility communities.
– Seasoned media professional with experience of successfully hosting at events such as The Fertility Show, London Olympia.
– UK Ambassador for the European Fertility Society.

Job type: Full time/ Part time/ Freelance.
Candidate location: UK & Remote.

US07) VP of Learning and Development/Organizational Development.

Professional experiences/competences:
– Developed the Learning and Development Strategy of programs and learning paths for 400+ employees (individual contributors, managers, aspiring managers, and executive leaders).
– Led a team to develop and deliver live and virtual trainings as well as eLearning modules to meet the needs of individuals, their teams, and the organization. Provided a consistent learning experience from onboarding to everboarding.
– Assessed current and future business needs to develop a compelling and prioritized roadmap of L&D deliverables that accelerated employee and company results.
– Designed and facilitated The Leader’s Path, a comprehensive learning and growth program for the organization’s leaders helping to raise their awareness, leadership, and coaching skills. Served as a coach to employees and leaders alike.
– Planned, organized, and delivered the annual Sales/Customer Success Kickoff event, as well as individual offsites for each organization throughout the year.
– Participated in Talent Management initiatives to drive a better understanding of needs within the organization. Built performance management plans for individuals and leaders, career paths and frameworks, skill and competency maps, and other talent management tools.
– Experienced with various Enablement Tools (Salesforce, Gong, etc.), HR Systems (Lattice, ADP, etc.), and LMS Tools (Lessonly, Cornerstone, Litmos SAP, MindTickle, etc.).

Personal characteristics/educational background:
– BA in English, Ohio University Honours College- Bachelors Degree in Business Strategy.
– Master Trainer Certification, Heacock & Associates; Challenger Sales Certification, CEB/Gartner; Meyers-Briggs Certification, Meyers-Briggs Company; Leadership Circle Profile Certified Practitioner, Leadership Circle.
– Driven by connection. Connection to self. Connection to others. Connection to purpose.
– The fertility space really resonates with me and I enjoy having the opportunity to do something meaningful. I also believe that learning is a lifelong endeavor and that by growing and developing their employees, clients, and/or members, these companies are better able to fulfill their purpose, which is how I best contribute.

Job type: Full time.
Candidate location: OH, USA and Remote.

DK17) Clinical Research/Project Manager/Product Specialist.

Professional experiences/competences:
– Project management.
– Strategical Procurement incl. government procurement/public tender.
– User/Supplier relations.
– Category & contract management.
– Data processing, analysis & research.
– Sperm processing & analysis, IUI/ICI, CASA.
– Reception of donors and depositors.
– Training student personnel.
– Production planning, packing and distribution.
– Quality Control and good Clinical Practice incl. implementation of new technology.
– Cryogenetic methods.

Personal characteristics/educational background:
– M.Sc., Clinical Science and Technology.
– Entrepreneurship and innovative.
– Various Science projects.
– Communicative.
– Fluent in English and Danish.

Job type: Full time.
Candidate location: Denmark (Jutland), Remote & Hybrid.

ES19) Research Embryologist.

Professional experiences/competences:
– Research projects.
– IVF lab: preparation of cultivation plates, oocyte retrieval, denudation of oocytes, cryopreservation of oocytes, embryo transfer (still learning ICSI technique).
– Andrology lab: sperm count, sperm capacitation, morphology, ADN fragmentation, fertile chip sperm selection and sperm cryopreservation.
– Marketing strategies.
– Translations from Spanish to English of scientific documents.

Personal characteristics/educational background:
– Graduated in Biology from Albania (country of origin).
– Graduated in Msc.Biology and Technology of Reproduction in Mammals at the University of Murcia, Spain.
– All diplomas homologated and equivalent to the Spanish system.
– Helping humanity has always felt like my mission, and I chose very passionately this field of study & work!
– I would gladly make consultations online to help people with their fertility issues

Job type: Full time & freelance.
Candidate location: Spain and Remote.