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Zamip Patel

Zamip Patel Owner Southeast Male Infertility, Urology/Andrology Assistant Professor UCF school of medicine/Medical Consultant

I can honestly say that Peter is one of the most dedicated, intelligent, and personable professionals I have had the pleasure to work with. He is willing to collaborate meaningfully, and work in what he feels is in the best interest of the company, above even his own personal interests. I believe he is a true asset to any organization that would have him. In a world that is dominated by MD's and PhD's he was able to catch on to concepts quickly and meaningfully to turn these concepts into business solutions, as well as identify pitfalls that would otherwise sink an organization through litigation. I recommend him strongly.

Toni Brandenhoff

Toni Brandenhoff CFO, Alexandra Instituttet

Peter is visionary, challenging and incredibly ambitious - both for himself, his colleagues and for the entire organization. This ambition level combined with an unpretentious approach to value creation created a high-performance culture in Cryos, which was orchestrated by him. Peter has an eminent focus on creating value while respecting people and the ongoing operation of the company.

Let’s work together

“I feel passionately about providing professional sparring and value adding services of the highest quality to develop the best solutions as a partner to fertility professionals, clinics and companies”

Peter Reeslev
Founder & CEO