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Recruitment & organisational development.

FC can be your key to finding the dream candidate, that matches your wishes and criteria for filling an open position at your clinic/company. 

Organisational Development

Having the right organisational capabilities to match your ambitions and strategy are crucial for the success of any clinic, organisation or company.

Fertility Consultancy can assist in a dialogue on how to develop a future employer branding strategy, as well as creation of an organisational development plan as a whole, i.e.:
• How to ensure the right competencies and capabilities to meet your plan & strategy
• How to ensure a high level of motivation amongst your organisation and successfully onboard new colleagues
• Leadership development and coaching is provided, both as team development or at an individual level, where a leader and/or management team gets tailored support and coaching in the achievement of ambitions by fulfilling plans and becoming more effective leaders

We very much look forward to having an informal dialogue with you on how to help develop your organisation to the next level.

Toni Brandenhoff

Toni Brandenhoff CFO, Alexandra Instituttet

Peter is visionary, challenging and incredibly ambitious - both for himself, his colleagues and for the entire organization. This ambition level combined with an unpretentious approach to value creation created a high-performance culture in Cryos, which was orchestrated by him. Peter has an eminent focus on creating value while respecting people and the ongoing operation of the company.

Mogens Kruhøffer

Mogens Kruhøffer CEO & Founder, BioXpedia a/s

Peter's pleasant attitude and clear communication along with his impressing achievements in previous commercial positions convinced me that he would be a valuable asset to BioXpedia. Within the first months in the board he analyzed the status of the organization and initiated SWOT analyses with key employees. His contributions has been a boost in developing visions and strategies and planning the implementation of new these. For those who needing an independent helicopter view from an expert on their organization, I would clearly recommend contacting Peter.