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Senior Clinical Embryologist/Laboratory Director

Professional experiences/competences:

  • Lead Clinical Embryologist
  • Successful oversight of 650 cycles per year while leading a high-performing 4-member laboratory team.
  • Led the protocol design and technical capability enhancement to allow for a 20% productivity increase.
  • Achieved the transition to Time-Lapse Embryo Culture.
  • Implemented Laboratory Alarm System.
  • Continuous diligent overview of KPIs and effective trouble shooting.
  • Successful and smooth on-boarding of 3 staff members.
  • Extremely well versed in all aspects of the laboratory (hands on, equipment, KPIs, troubleshooting).
  • Extensive experience in trophectoderm biopsy and oocyte vitrification/warming.
  • Expanded responsibilities to include logitics of equipment maintenance by overseas technicians.

Personal characteristics/educational background:

  • Achieved JCI accreditation in 2020.
  • ESHRE certified Clinical Embryologist in 2015.
  • Experienced Laboratory Director with a “lead by example” approach.
  • Passionate about my work, I am known for going the extra mile to ensure the best outcomes possible.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, able to coordinate teams of different personalities. Able to cope with stressful situations and be calm and efficient even with minimal resources.
  • Ethos, empathy, accountability, communication and positive atmosphere in the work place are among my top priorities.
Job type:
External, Full time, Temporary full time positions
Candidate location:
Denmark, Europe, France, Portugal, Remote, Spain, United Kingdom
Positions in Europe and ideally would be Switzerland