Clinical Embryologist/Andrologist (Trainee)/Lab Assistant.

Professional experiences/competences:
– Hands-on training Master of Clinical Embryology (MCE) at Monash University (2023).
– Embryology Internship (2021), investigation of male lifestyle impact on sperm quality.
– Andrology Internship (2019), investigation of the effect of bacteria present in the male and female genital tract on human spermatozoa.
– Developed great laboratory skills and theoretical knowledge.
– Confident in performing semen analysis and preparation, embryo culture, and embryo grading in humans. In addition to conventional IVF, gametes/embryos cryopreservation, blastocyst laser collapse and laser assisted hatching, and ICSI in animal models.
– MCE research project on the effect of blastocyst laser collapse on post-warming outcomes in mice embryos – learned to collect and elaborate data, manage time and respect deadlines, work with people with different mindsets and backgrounds, and act as a leader when needed. Boost of embryo vitrification skills.

Personal characteristics/educational background:
– Master of Clinical Embryology (MCE) at Monash University (2023).
– Master’s Degree in Biotechomologyes of Human Reproduction, University of Siena, Italy.
– Friendly and compassionate, strive to improve every day, love working in a team but at the same time can be a self-driven person.
– Punctual and detail-oriented.
– Multitasking and excellent communication skills.
– Fast learner and no problems learning new languages if needed.
– Travel a lot and easily embrace new cultures and fit into different communities.
– Fluent in English and Italian (native).

Job type:
Full time
Candidate location:
Europe, United Kingdom, USA, World
Flexible to relocate for the right opportunity.