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FC Recruitment Process Employers

FC can be your key to finding the dream candidate, that matches your wishes and criteria for filling an open position at your clinic/company. 

FC specialises and has an extensive network within the Fertility Sector globally through our Consulting Partners contacts and relations. We therefore understand, what it requires to find the perfect candidate having the right competences, skills, and personality to fit into your organisation. Our services will be tailored to meet your requirements and wishes!

Step 1

Upon signing of an agreement for our recruitment assistance, FC Consulting Partners join our clients in writing the job description and profiling of the candidate, which will then be posted under our website as well as promoted through the FC LinkedIn page and with our extensive network within the Fertility Sector. 

Step 2

FC reviews our own candidate database as well as conducts a search and select (screening of candidates) 

Step 3

Having candidates identified, we engage into a dialogue conducting first interviews to evaluate a possible interest. 

If an interest exists: 

  1. Information e.g., a LinkedIn profile and/or additional CV/information is shared with the client upon consent from the candidate.
  2. If the client accepts and finds the candidate attractive we proceed to the next step.

Step 4

FC shares contact information and the client contacts the candidate directly to arrange for an interview. Participation or not of a FC Consulting Partner at the first meeting is up to you and the candidate.

The Client takes over from here assisted by FC to the extend there is a wish for our further involvement. Although, this means that all contract terms and negotiations are between you and the candidate.’

FC can assist if the client wishes to have reference calls made and/or candidate profiling (separate costs as done by external supplier of personality testing). 

Step 5

Closure with signing of a part- or full-time employment contract.

FC will charge you nothing for the services unless a successful signing of an agreement is made with a candidate. It means a “no cure no pay” format, so FC takes the risk and only “wins” when successful matchmaking has taken place.

If any questions or interested in knowing more – do not hesitate to reach out to us at: