MAR has grown 30% the last decade in Australia

MAR (medically assisted reproduction) has grown 30% the last decade in Australia and reached a ratio of 6,7% of all births. The attached study published in Human Reproduction highlights a 55% rise in ART use in women of 40 years and older and thereby address an issue in many parts of the world with age related infertility.

Denmark still holds the world “record” of app. 10% of all births yearly as a result of MAR, but despite this high ratio DK has not reproduced itself as a nation for more than 50 years!

Although, it is very positive having healthcare systems in AUS and DK to help treat infertility it surely raises the question if enough is done to prevent delaying having children. And, once help is needed there is a major issue with lacking access to MAR for people in many regions and countries leading to widespread fertility tourism or other unfortunate outcomes such as having no children at all (the latter is not a topic in the paper published under Human Reproduction (